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Stressed out, anxious, overwhelmed, feeling like a failure, fatigued, physical illness…

Do you want more in your life but feel like it just isn’t possible for you?

You’ve read all the motivational books…watched all the videos…but something still isn’t working.

One week you feel like you’ve got this personal growth thing mastered, then the next week you feel like a hot mess again. You are starting to wonder if you are just broken.

But what if all the ups, downs, quirks and inconsistencies are normal?

What if they are actually messages and strengths instead of weaknesses.

What if there is a consistent and predictable roadmap that focuses on flowing and honoring rather than forcing and fixing?

That roadmap is the lunar cycle and Lunar Aligned is your guide.


Lunar Aligned Living for grace, ease and success

Lunar Aligned living is a healing movement that begins in the heart of each individual woman.  It is our belief that as each woman heals herself, she joins with others who are healing to create a movement that can change our community and our world.  

Just like we as women cycle, the moon cycles too. Each cycle and each phase has it's own energy. When we learn how to work with that energy rather than against it, we find grace, ease and flow. The Lunar Aligned Membership is your roadmap to that grace, ease and flow.  Through journal prompts, rituals, meditation, and an online village/community, you will be guided through the dynamics of the lunar phases and taught how to align your own energy and activities with the moon.


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