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Practical magic is tangible.  Magic you can put your hands on and see.  The moon phases offer insight into how we can live our lives cyclically and when we do that, we find grace, ease and flow.  Lunar Aligned offers wisdom, insight, ritual, sacred objects and a warm community of women who are doing the work to step into their power.

“In a short period of time I've gained a lot of clarity and understanding.  I feel like I now have a lighted path to work through what I've been trying to navigate in the dark.”

-Tara K.


A text message delivered directly to your phone for each primary lunar phase describing the energy and a giving a forecast for that moon phase as well as a card reading for added guidance and clarity. Living Lunar Aligned has never been easier.



Need more clarity? Get card readings that work with the moon's primary phases.  Look at the coming lunar cycles and see the healing opportunities with Lunar Coach Meliea Black.


Working for over a decade as a midwife, Meliea Black has been a witness to 100s of women at their most vulnerable time.  The activities of our body and mind leading up to during and after birth are a big metaphor for life.  Meliea helps women create, birth and nurture their dreams by asking the right questions and helping women find their power.

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In addition to the wisdom and connection through community, Lunar Aligned offers magical items delivered to your home as well as meaningful retreats with wise women.  

Explore the lunar ritual boxes, moon journals, spiritual getaways and more.


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