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Develop Your Intuition and Reconstruct Radical Self-Trust!

Feeling like 2020 has been a shit show and you're careening through a chaotic universe?

None of your coping mechanisms feel like they are working anymore? Struggling to trust yourself to know where to go from here? Are you wanting to live more intuitively but not sure how to actually hear/understand what your intuition is saying? Would you like to navigate 2021 with more confidence, grace and ease?

Good new, you're going to LOVE this course.  

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The "why" for my course...

If you are deconstructing religion, patriarchal beliefs or just feel plagued by self-doubt and unworthiness, this is a place for you to explore the reconstruction of your self-trust.

Reconstructing self-trust opens us to becoming the most authentic self we can be.  When we move from our intuition and inner wisdom, we will begin to confidently occupy our space on this earth and truly be the change we want to see in the world around us.


Changing our societal power dynamics and patriarchal culture begins with deconstructing those patterns in ourselves and THEN we can begin to see something different in the world...rather than trying to change the outside world first.  

I invite you to explore the possibility that you are enough, that you are wiser than you think and that you your intuition and heart CAN BE TRUSTED to guide you.

We deconstruct and reconstruct in cycles and use the moon to help us MOVE through and navigate this process as it is timeless and a perfect blueprint for living. Deconstruction isn't linear.  It isn't a 10 step process.  It is a journey.  But you do not have to travel that road alone. 


Module 1:  NEW MOON

The importance of deconstructing AND reconstructing. I give you tools to identify the beliefs that aren't serving you as well as tools to set intentions for what you want to feel and see in your life.  



Overcoming:  working with the energy of the waxing quarter moon to ease into change and accomplishment.  This is where we start taking steps to solidify our new beliefs while also honoring our brain's resistance to change with compassion and love.


Module 3:  FULL MOON

I show you how to turn up the volume on trusting yourself and igniting intuition and also show you how to release the old in powerful and impactful ways.  



We heal in cycles.  We move in cycles.  This is where we evaluate and do the important work of tweaking our recipe for self-trust while also celebrating our success and efforts.


All modules contain journal prompts and extras to help you go deeper with this energy if you desire.


BONUSES to be added:


How to read your own oracle cards, spiritual decluttering, working with physical cycles (menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause), etc.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Sublime Collecti


 You will have lifetime access to this course and all bonuses added over time. There is also a free Facebook group for course member discussion and access to Meliea's monthly virtual full moon gatherings. 

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