MOVE with the moon for grace, ease and flow

Feeling like 2020 has been a shit show and you're careening through a chaotic universe?

None of your coping mechanisms feel like they are working anymore?

Read a bunch of self help books with a lot of woo that you feel like you just don't have the energy or discipline to implement right now?


Good news, the moon's got you!

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Learn how to process and master your emotions through getting grounded, refocused and reconnected to your spirit  using the energy of the moon. It's simple, practical and easy to FLOW with nature's blueprint, the lunar phases and cycles.  


I'm going to teach you how to bring the grace, ease and flow you are craving into your daily life using the practical and simple energy of the moon. Let's walk together through an entire lunar cycle with you and show you how to use the practical magic of the moon to work with your thoughts, master your emotions and move toward your dreams and desires.  


The world feels crazy right now and I am THRILLED to be  able to contribute to the health and vibration of the collective by offering this information.


Module 1:  NEW MOON

New beginnings, working with the energy of the new moon to manifest your dreams, desires and wishes



Overcoming:  working with the energy of the waxing quarter moon to ease into change and accomplishment


Module 3:  FULL MOON

Turn up the volume, working with the energy of the full moon to expand, release and birth your desires into reality



Evaluation, look back, reflect and solidify the wisdom of this cycle


All modules contain journal prompts and extras to help you go deeper with this energy if you desire.


BONUSES to be added:


How to read your own oracle cards, the moon and your menstrual cycle, decluttering with the moon, improving your health by the moon, enhancing your love life with the moon and MORE 

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This course is in the construction phase and you have the opportunity to purchase this at the construction price.  You will have lifetime access to this course and all bonuses added over time.  Once the course is complete, the price will go up.  So grab it now and let's grow together!

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