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Intuition, the Moon, Menstruation and Me

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About The Webinar

It's time to have some real conversation about the difficult and complex issues surrounding the cycles that happen in our bodies.  We are told my many different sources how we should feel about our cycle. The media presents it as a curse.  The medical establishment seems to have a general and across the board approach for all issues.  The alternative wellness industry has many complex solutions that are expensive and restrictive and often cause feelings of frustration and failure.

And then there is the does that energy play into it?

I'm going to discuss all of that in this webinar from the perspective of a mystic, a midwife and as a person who had multiple menstrual issues from the age of 11 when I started my period.

This webinar is being recorded as a bonus for my course on using lunar energy to manage your emotions and design your life.  A replay link will be mailed out to all registrants and will be available for 24 hours after the presentation.  After that, this juicy webinar will live inside the course as bonus content.  

You must be registered to receive the replay link and to get reminders about the event. 

Upon registering, check your email and put my address in your contacts so that you won't miss the reminders or the replay.  


I look forward to seeing you there! 

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