The LUNAR FEELS oil set supports your emotions and movement through the lunar phases.  Each phase has its own blend of plant, crystal  and essential oil components to serve as a tangible support as you move through the lunar cycle.  


The NEW MOON FEELS potion helps with feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness and  similar emotions that can come along with dreaming, wishing and intention at the new moon.  The intention of this blend is to help you MOVE through these emotions and know that your dreams, wishes and desires are worthy of your attention AND intention.

The WAXING QUARTER MOON FEELS potion helps with feelings of "imposter syndrome", powerlessness and other fears that come with taking action toward our intentions.  The intention of this potion is to help you MOVE into your power and own your greatness as you take steps toward your desires.  

The FULL MOON FEELS potion helps with feelings of being "too much" that can come with the expansion energy of this phase.  The intention of this potion is to help you MOVE into owning your pleasure as well as owning your purpose and the space that you occupy in the world.

The WANING QUARTER MOON FEELS supports you during the introspection/evaluation energy of this phase.  It helps comfort you as you take a look at the lunar cycle and at yourself and see the areas that need to shift as well as celebrate areas of growth and renewal.  

Each box will also contain an ORACLE CARD with a unique message for you to carry into the next lunar cycle as well as a LUNAR ART card with a beautiful and encouraging visual message.  

This boxed set is a perfect gift for yourself and for a friend!  

**NOTE:  My oil blends are not cosmetic/perfumes.  Though they do contain small amounts of essential oil, they are potions crafted with intention and meant to be used for their quantum energy.  Apply them when you experience emotions that feel difficult to help you see/hear the messages that your feelings want to show you as well as shift into what you want to feel. 

Lunar Feels Emotional Support Potions

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