Intuitive Set FULL MOON Connection Ritual Box:


Don't miss out on this magic. This is an exclusive Full Moon box in partnership with Crystal the Oracle Shop (follow her on IG here). This box will have the magical goods in it for the powerful 🌕full moon ritual 🌕I will be doing in the next lunar cycle. In this ritual, we will all come together to connect with each other in a powerful and healing way. More turmoil is coming as we get closer to the election, but we are not powerless.


Quantities are limited by the availability of the stones.


What’s included:

  • Intuitive custom stone set (via @Crystaltheoracle):
    • Selenite charging plate: Selenite is an energetic filter. Moving out stagnation and ushering in joy and high vibration.
    • Red Tigers’ Eye: Tiger eye is for focus. Red tiger eye adds in root chakra healing to say, "I won't lose myself. I remain focused on my own foundation as I seek to connect and reconnect."
    • Rainforest Rhyolite illuminates opportunities for reciprocity and interconnectedness. Like the balanced ecosystem of the Rainforest, it allows us to give and receive equitably and freely.
    • Tourmaline to protect the mind from attempting to keep us stuck in past patterns of thought and behavior.
    • Kyanite to soothe anxiety while we descern our authentic truth and share it with others.
  • Personalized oracle/tarot card with reading that answers the question, "Where do I need to expand under this moon?"
  •  Ritual Candle
  • 2 oz. "Connect and Protect" full moon ritual oil containing powerful magical herbs and snakeskin for connection, protection and healing.

    Ships to addresses in the US only.

2020 Connection Ritual Box


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