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Your intuition is an organic and lonely landscape...

Much ado has been made about intuition in the self-help world. Couple it with words like "intention" and "manifestation" and you now have the formula to get anything you want, right???

Right now, we are a society TRIGGERED by our past experiences, beliefs and knowledge. We are a society TRIGGERED by the what ifs and fears of the future. And while all of our experiences are valid and worthy of acknowledgement, making decisions based on our experiences narrows down the possibilities and the vision of what could be. If we only believe what we have experienced and seen with our eyes is real and possible, then our hope of creating something new or overcoming obstacles such as racism, misogyny, patriarchal constructs and general apathy toward one another is bleak. In order to access the world where these things don't rule our human brains, we have to return to intuition.

Our intuition is an organic landscape. Whatever is there, which isn't a lot, has grown there naturally. There has been no active planting or building on that land - it just is. And though intuitive living sounds magical, the landscape of our intuition is a lonely place. It's a place that takes us to the core of our being and asks us to simply tap into to how something feels. It is wild, raw, lonely and bare and it feels irresponsible to make a decision in the midst of nothingness - yet that is the only place an intuitive decision can be made. There is no crowd sourcing, no group support, no outside affirmation or proof of "rightness" - there is only your inner knowing and the feelings it pours into your human body (and even these take practice to identify and feel.)

When we look at what intuition really is, it's no wonder we resist it and instead, corral opinions in our Facebook groups, listen to 17 podcasts, Google several articles and dig for any morsel of knowledge we can find. It's no wonder we seek more knowledge, more outside affirmations and more proof. We want to be right. We want to look responsible. We want a predictable outcome.

And if shit hits the fan, we want someone we can BLAME. If we lose money, it wasn't our fault. It the relationship goes south, everyone else thought it was a good idea so we can say we didn't see it coming. If the outcome isn't perfect, it was the information's fault.

The problem is, intuitive decisions aren't right or or lose...pass or fail. Intuitive decisions are stepping stones on a path and sometimes that path has some crazy twists and turns and we learn things along the way. This is NOT the universe "teaching us a lesson" when this happens. This is the universe allowing us to EXPAND and be more of ourselves than we've ever been. This expansion takes us into the very depths of our being and brings out the truest and most authentic expression of us. It is our essence being brought into humanity. It is what heals and moves the fabric of the universe. It is what moves a collective to both care for themselves while also caring for each other. It is that place where no pre-conceived notions about people exist so there is equitable compassion for all.

I believe that 2021 will strongly push us back into our intuition, even if that means a stripping away of knowledge and tangible resources. I believe we will be given this opportunity to expand. I believe we will be offered the short and easy path as well as the long and drawn out one. I believe we will get to choose. It is my prayer for humanity, that we will choose the loneliness of the landscape of our inner knowing rather than the continue weaponizing of information and ever changing circumstances. I hope that we choose the loneliness over the competition...over the need to be right...over the illusion of security.

At its core, our intuition is pure love and goodness. It is the unadulterated light that leads us home to our soul. And it is available to everyone.

Let me show you how to exercise your own intuition by working with the cyclical energy of the lunar cycle in my Move With the Moon for Daily Grace, Ease and Flow CourseNature has given us a beautiful blueprint for connecting to our essence in the consistent energy of the moon phases. At the time of this writing, it is still in the construction phase so you can get the course at the construction price - but all the moon phase work is there and ready for you to dive into. More bonuses will follow soon. Come and work with me and learn how to live life in flow instead of force. Learn to love the stillness of your intuition and watch your life transform into a place that you don't feel like you need to escape from.

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