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Why you need the moon, a midwife and a coven...

The closer we get to the election, the more intense things seem to get. A Newsweek article I saw today quoted some big astrologers talking about the intensity of 2020 from an astrological perspective and warned of more to come. I don't think you need to be an astrologer to predict that, but astrology folk have been saying for quite some time that 2020 would be a year of upheaval and the beginning of alchemy in many ways and that has certainly been true. I'm not an astrologer, but I am a midwife and I've been watching energetic "dysfunctional labors" happen all year long.

A dysfunctional labor is an active labor that does not progress. There is great pain and work happening but the body is not getting closer to having the baby. It's frustrating and exhausting. Now, sometimes these types of labors just happen, but sometimes there are contributing factors. Trying to induce or force labor can contribute to this as well as not staying nourished or hydrated. Sometimes the laboring person hasn't had adequate rest for days before labor began and the body begins to shut down efforts to encourage rest and renewal. What I have seen is a lot of people contracting, not breathing, resisting the things that would nurture their spirit and an overall feeling of being stuck or trapped.

When this happens in a physical birth, we have to nourish and guide the laboring person to try to rest, hydrate, breathe and focus on relaxing the body in between contractions. Birth is a metaphor for life and this is what we need right now in our energetic birth that is 2020. But we are not meant to labor and birth alone. This is why you need the following:

THE MOON Just like labor has phases and stages, the moon parallels those stages in many ways. When we anchor ourselves to an already chartered course, then we take some of the mental effort off of ourselves and we can rest in the course that is already there for us. The moon and it's energy tell us exactly how to align our emotions in this moment with the energy that is already there for us. If I'm anxious in the new moon - I look for where I need to clean the slate and start new in my life or even just in my day. The waxing quarter moon anxiety usually means I need to take some action in my life. The full moon asks me to turn up the volume and really feel and expand into the messages of my emotions. And the waning moon asks me to more deeply explore and observe my anxiety and what might be happening that needs to shift or be released.


That's where I come in. When a laboring person is struggling, I breathe with them, remind them to stay in the present and encourage them as they continue in the process. Anyone who has had a baby and had this support can tell you how valuable that is when you want to give up. I am here to breathe with you, remind you of the energy of this lunar phase and how to work with it to get out of the painful contractions and birth what is trying to come into your life.


Generations of birthing folk have leaned on the strength of each other. If they did it, I can too. We will be afraid together. We will roar together. We will labor together. We will push together. We will birth together. We will witness each other. We will remind each other of our power in the moments that we forget. Call it what you want, a circle, a village, a collective...COVEN feels appropriate right need one. And not only do you need people connection but you need connection to those who have the desire to get out of dysfunctional labor patterns and into pushing and birthing their own purpose in the world.

And that's why I created the Lunar Aligned Moon Card Coven - to bring us together, to breathe together, to encourage each other, to lean into our intuitive wisdom together and to witness each other's journeys and celebrate the births. Text message lunar phase forecasts, oracle card readings and live coaching provide a container where you can feel safely witnessed during your own process.

We need each other right now. We need to tap into the energy of the moon and each other. We need to move and flow in cycles instead of linear frustration and force. Are you feeling stuck? Does your mind feel like a spin cycle of chaos? Anchor to the moon, get a midwife and join the coven. Don't walk alone...flow with the love and compassion of divine feminine energy. Follow me on Instagram for live talks, readings, giveaways and lunar guidance.

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