the lunar aligned membership


Join a village of women who are releasing stress, anxiety, chaos and overwhelm and embracing emotional empowerment, grace, ease and flow.

Being a woman does not make us “more emotional” or dramatic. Our emotions are a powerful part of us. They work with our instincts to show us what doesn’t serve us, what we need to let go of and that we need a new direction. But how do you know where to go? We turn to the moon for the blueprint. We know that in ancient times, women moved with the lunar cycle to align their bodies and their activities to its energy. Working with the lunar phases is a return to our roots and many women are experiencing a pull toward these ancient practices as they awaken to their power.


This membership will teach and support you to work with the lunar phases to experience a life with more satisfaction, peace, empowerment and flow. Get the lunar “cheat codes” to go from depleted to renewed, chaotic to calm, frustrated to flowing, and hopeless to hopeful. Meliea’s M.O.V.E. formula makes it practical and easy to work with lunar energy to transform your life in ways you never dreamed possible.


The Membership

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Your membership includes:

  • Monthly lifework PDF with journal prompts and tips for staying Lunar Aligned.

  • Monthly downloadable meditation

  • Weekly lunar forecasts to help you know what to expect from the current lunar energy as well as tips to navigate it with grace, ease and flow.

  • Access to online content which includes: teaching videos, live coaching, personal growth masterclasses and more

  • Access to the Facebook village where we collaborate and gather together.

  • Text messages: These come as reminders of the present lunar phase, how you might be feeling and how you can align with the current lunar energy for grace, ease and flow.



Our lifework within the membership group centers around:

  • Journal pages & prompts

  • Action steps

  • Rituals

  • Tracking your energy with the energy of the moon


The Village


Community is a very important benefit of the Lunar Aligned membership. In our Facebook group, we have created a sacred space together where we can share our challenges, celebrate our wins and navigate the lunar cycle with likeminded women. We gather for a Full Moon Circle during every lunar cycle. Meliea also does intuitive readings in the village to encourage and uplift the community as we do healing work together.