What’s the deal with all the moon stuff? Is this some new crazy trend? 

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There’s enough folklore for us to know that women’s relationship with the moon is not new.  With our increasing awareness of the moon’s energy and relationship to our menstrual cycle, there does seem to be a reawakening in women to connect with the moon.

This has prompted a few scientific opinions on whether or not there is a true relationship between the moon cycle and the menstrual cycle.  I feel like this would be hard to “measure” in our current society where artificial light is around us constantly. 

But guess what, I don’t really care whether it can be measure or not. 


Our relationship to the moon is so much deeper than the scientific method and physical observation.  The movements, consistency and phases of the moon are a beautiful metaphor for the different energies of the menstrual cycle, the female life cycle(maiden, mother and crone) and the cycle of the seasons.  It doesn’t have to be documented to deeply affect you...it only need be acknowledged. 

I find that the moon is a great guide for daily life.  The new moon allows me to clean the slate and start over.  It’s a line in the sand that says, “Guess what, we get to try again!”  We all need that and the new moon is a beautiful place to mark a new beginning.  It’s something I look forward to and celebrate by journaling my hopes and dreams, setting new intentions and finding gratitude for the wisdom of the previous cycle. 

The first quarter moon(waxing quarter moon) is my time to move forward and take action on my dreams and intentions that I set under the new moon.  This moon says to me, “Let’s do this!  All things are possible!”  Of course, along with that energy usually comes a little resistance so this moon is where I expect to meet some obstacles and I make a plan to navigate them.  Instead of resisting them, I flow with them knowing that the full moon is coming. 

The full moon is all about manifesting for me and seeing things start to take shape from my quarter moon actions.  It’s where I come into my FULLNESS and celebrate how I’ve shown up so far.  I look at how things are going and release anything that is weighing me down or holding me back.  If I can’t release it, I reframe it.  The full moon is my FAVORITE moon phase and I generally thrive under its energy.  (I believe everyone has “their moon” that they groove with.)

The last quarter moon(waning quarter moon) is where I get to slow down and nurture myself. The energy of this moon is very introspective.  I get to evaluate how I moved through the phases and get honest with myself about what worked and what didn’t.  I try not to plan a lot of energy draining activities during this time.  Instead, I ramp up my self-care with extra Epsom salt  baths and things that renew my body, mind and spirit. 

Living in this cycle has transformed my life.  I don’t need data to prove it.  I just live it and love it.  Have you felt drawn to the moon?  Do you find yourself gazing at it in awe?  Have you felt the curious connection that others have?  Maybe Lunar Aligned living is for you too!