Are you really a hot mess?

I know most women are being tongue in cheek when they describe themselves as a “hot mess,” but let’s be real, many women feel like they are barely making it through each day. Kids, relationships, activities, responsibilities, health concerns…all of these things require more bandwidth than we as humans possess. We live in this cycle of, “Things will be better when _____ happens” but once “it” happens, something else comes up. We are always moving the target to the next “it” that needs to be accomplished in order to find rest, grace, ease and fulfillment. It’s no wonder we feel like it’s an impossible dream to feel whole and healthy in our daily life.

But what if the target doesn’t have to move? What if that outside experience or dynamic isn’t really the key to your flow?

The moon is what helped me move from “hot mess” to “passionate and powerful.” Once I learned to harness the energy of the lunar phases and fold my life into that equation, the result was this amazing feeling of FORWARD MOVEMENT. No more constantly treading water…no more running in circles and ending up right where I started. I began to break ground, build, plant seeds and see growth. This was monumental. I began to have time to pursue my passions, nurture my dreams AND handle the day to day. I wasn’t broken, I was just out of alignment.

For instance…organizing and cleaning. I would always get fed up with my house during the waning moon. This is a time when we become introspective and sometimes self critical. I would be able to clearly see that some of my obstacles were the chaos and clutter. So I would, out of exasperation with myself, begin an all out organizing project complete with emptying of closets and rearranging of furniture. But here’s the problem…the waning moon is a time when our physical energy is low. It’s a time for us to get still to feel and honor our emotions, not try to resist them. So inevitably, I would end up abandoning my organization project right in the middle or it, or I would press through the complete it with weeping and gnashing of teeth. Both of those options would leave me feeling exhausted and frustrated with myself.

BUT, if I had just waited a bit. If I had known that the waning moon is the time for me to recognize what isn’t working in my life and prepare to set some new intentions under the new moon…which was right around the corner…then I would have worked through that energy in a completely different way. If I had joined hands with the moons energy, then the results would have likely been an organized room that made me feel amazing instead of one more project that I abandoned and made me feel like a total failure.

Living Lunar Aligned helps us take the most basic of tasks and work through them in a way that creates ease and forward movement rather than exhaustion and spinning our wheels.