I always thought something was wrong with me…..

I have always been enamored with the moon. I have not always understood its power and influence in my life. My moods, my emotions, my life, my relationships….they’ve always been a roller coaster. I always felt like life was happening to me…hitting me like a large wave and my job was just to stay afloat and survive. I just wanted to feel “normal” and like my life had a bigger meaning and purpose. I was introduced to the moon phases when learning my about my menstrual cycle. It really helped me connect to my body. And as I studied the characteristics of the moon phases, the puzzle pieces started coming together and I began to realize that there was never anything wrong with me. My moods and energy swings were actually completely aligned with the moon’s energy and when I started working with those energies rather than focusing on myself as a project to be fixed, I finally experienced grace, ease and flow.

I live in NC with my daughter and 2 sons. You can usually find me on a Friday night sitting in my living room readying a book with rose quartz or some other crystal tucked in my tank top so that it touches my heart. I teach a class called Zen Booty where I lead women in joyful movement that infuses us with goddess energy. I live a magical life and I really do believe that one person can light the spark that begins a fire that changes the world.


I am a Certified Women’s Wellness Educator through Wellgrounded Life Institute. I am also a Certified Labor Doula with CAPPA and have been working with birthing women since 2008. I consider my job as a coach very similar to my job as a birth professional. I support women as they birth their babies, but also as they birth their dreams, their ideas and their best life.