Hello! I'm Meliea, the queer, exvangelical, mystic, midwife, moon maven, intuition activist. I've spent more than a few years trying to "smash the patriarchy" and bulldoze religion out of my life so I could get out from under the heaviness of that influence.


But here's the problem, demolition of these influences just left me standing in the middle of a pile of rubble wondering what to do next.


In order to break these cycles and patterns of influence in our lives, we have to deconstruct AND reconstruct simultaneously.That's where I come in. 

I help you see the patterns, deconstruct them, then reconstruct something authentic and amazing.  


Imagine going after the things you desire with confidence and peace.  Imagine moving toward the things you want in life without guilt.  Imagine building a solid foundation of belief that is authentic and true and holds you up instead of tearing you down.  


I want to show you how to develop your intuition and tune into your inner knowing so that you can get unstuck and move confidently into the things that you are passionate about in life.  Yes, it is possible.  Join others who are on the journey to embody and embrace radical self trust.

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