Hi, I'm Meliea.  I'm a Certified Professional Midwife, a Certified Wellness Educator, a nursing student and a mom of 3 kiddos who all had very interesting birth stories. I've been a birth worker for over 14 years now working both on my own and in my local birth center.  I'm a strong believer in reproductive justice, inclusivity, equity/equality and Black, Brown, Indigenous and Asian lives matter and that comes through in all of my work.  I have had a vaginal birth, a surgical birth and a VBAC(that I planned as a homebirth and ended up as a transfer to the hospital).  I draw from my knowledge, my experience and my own intuition to help others navigate the anxiety and stress that can come with birth and postpartum.  

I don't believe everyone has to have a natural birth (insert shock and awe).  I believe everyone should have an informed birth and be equipped with the tools that put them on a path to the birth they want.  I also know from years of experience that all the preparation in the world doesn't guarantee a certain birth outcome. 


But, mindfulness+intuition+hypnosis = confidence, resilience and the ability to make the best decisions for yourself and your baby. The tools I teach for birth will also carry you into postpartum, toddelerdom, teenagerland and beyond!!  Learning to MIND YOUR MIND is a valuable skill for LIFE.  

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